Unlocking secure hardware for MetaMask developers

Hot-wallet simplicity meets cold-wallet security for MetaMask-powered dapps and Snaps.

Use the CubeSigner Snap to manage EVM and non-EVM keys on behalf of your MetaMask end users. Programmatically request signatures, and your users’ keys sign server-side from within secure hardware—and stay safe from attackers.

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Approving a MetaMask transaction in a demo wallet with keys secured by CubeSigner hardware

One signing interface, many chains

Let your MetaMask users sign transactions on EVM-based chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon, and on non-EVM chains like Bitcoin and Solana. More chains coming soon!

Sign transactions while users’ keys stay safe inside secure hardware

Building dapps or Snaps means taking on the liability of managing your users’ keys, and a single mis-managed key can cost your users thousands of dollars—or cost your reputation. Unfortunately, if you’re using keys stored in the browser, those keys are exposed to sophisticated remote attackers who can exfiltrate browser data.

CubeSigner keeps your users' keys safe in server-side secure hardware as you programmatically sign transactions.

The CubeSigner Snap abstracts the complexity of key management to a simple set of API endpoints, so you can securely power your users' in-dapp or in-Snap transactions across many chains.

CubeSigner Snap code sample showing hardware-backed transaction signing for EVM and Solana blockchains