Help us
shape web3

Who we build with is as much a part of our narrative as what we build. Join us as we rewrite the web3 development story.

Our culture

We experiment,
a lot

We value experimentation—we learn best by prototyping, from code to marketing campaigns—and we use our experiments to drive quick iteration.

We design principled systems

We follow modern best practices in everything we do and design first-class security into everything we build. We explicitly plan for human error and failure cases.

We use each other’s expertise

Our engineering team doesn’t hide in a cave grumpily writing code, because it takes more than that to build a successful company. Our projects are cross-functional by design.

We communicate intentionally

Our docs and content will stay technically accurate and robust even as we grow. They are core to our product, and we manage them with similar rigor.

We build for people

We encourage people to try early versions of our product and enthusiastically respond to their feedback. We want to be sure our tools are useful before we spend time making them perfect.

We are

Our team is distributed and will stay that way. Talent doesn’t have a geography; it’s not up to us to tell you where you do your best work.

If you see opportunities to combine your expertise with ours, get in touch.

Open Positions

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