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Announcing our Cross-Chain SDK

January 18, 2023
written by
Aleksandar Milicevic
Founding Engineer
Andres Nötzli
Founding Engineer
John Renner
Founding Engineer
Deian Stefan
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Fraser Brown
Co-Founder & CTO
Riad Wabhy
Co-Founder & CEO
Ann Stefan
Co-Founder & COO
Product releases
We're proud to announce the alpha release of the [**Cross-Chain SDK**][Cubist SDK], the first SDK designed for multi-chain and cross-chain development. [**The SDK is open source and available here.**][sdkgithub]<br> <br> The SDK offers: <br> <br> - **seamless cross-chain bridging**. Write your smart contracts as if they're deployed on the same chain, and Cubist will automatically generate the tricky (and risky!) bridge code that connects them. <br> - **multi chain support**. Deploy your smart contracts across [Ethereum][Ethereum], [Polygon][Polygon], [Avalanche][Avalanche], and [Avalanche subnets][Avalanche subnets]—or switch chains by changing a single line in your config file. More chains coming soon!<br> - **multi language support**. Write your dapp in [JavaScript][JSDocs], [TypeScript][JsDocs], or [Rust][RustDocs]. More languages coming soon!<br> - **local testnet management**. Let Cubist spin up private testnets with funded accounts, then reliably and repeatably test your dapp locally or in CI.<br> - **public testnet support**. Go from local to public testnet by changing a single configuration parameter.<br> - **cross-chain dapp templates**. Bootstrap your cross-chain dapp by choosing from one of our ready-made templates (e.g., for a [token bridge][TokenBridge]).<br> <br> Check out our [5-minute tutorial][5minTutorial]; if you want to learn more about how the Cross-Chain SDK works behind the scenes, our [advanced documentation][StorageApp] provides a more detailed walkthrough of that same tutorial. **And if you want to give the SDK a spin,** [**start building here!**][sdkgithub]<br> <br> [Cubist SDK]:<br> [sdkgithub]:<br> [JsDocs]:<br> [RustDocs]:<br> [5minTutorial]:<br> [StorageApp]:<br> [TokenBridge]:<br> [Ethereum]:<br> [Polygon]:<br> [Avalanche]:<br> [Avalanche subnets]:<br> <br>

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Cubist & EigenLabs anti-slasher collaboration

Cubist is excited to announce a new partnership: we are working with EigenLabs to build anti-slashers that will help honest operators avoid getting slashed on EigenLayer.

September 19, 2023

Hardware-backed signing for MetaMask developers

Our Snap lets Snap- or dapp-developers use CubeSigner, our hardware-backed key management system, to safely sign transactions on behalf of their MetaMask users.

September 12, 2023

Intel SGX is broken (again)

Last week, security researcher Daniel Moghimi publicly announced the new Downfall attack that can steal private keys from Intel SGX hardware. In this post, we review the SGX architecture and discuss its underlying security problems. Then, we describe the process we used for evaluating which secure hardware to use in our key manager.

August 15, 2023